Jessica Recommends | Newborn Necessities

Top Items for a Newborn, Newborn Necessities

In the past week, two of my friends have given birth to new babies and I have three more girlfriends with little ones due this summer! Having a newborn of my own, I’ve been asked what kinds of baby gear is absolutely necessary and what you can probably do without. So this morning I put together a list of our top (only?) five things we use daily (plus the book that inspired these items)!

To Read | The Happiest Baby on the Block by Dr. Harvey Karp

We bought this book before Felix was born and it has been, hands down, the best advice we’ve read. In fact, many of our favorite things all relate back to his principals (that babies need to be eased from their womb home to newborn life through swaying, shushing, swaddling, sucking and side lying).

ONE | Baby Wearing Wrap (or carrier)

I live wearing my soft baby wraps. They’re awesome for getting Bea to nap (sometimes in under a minute) and they allow me to be handsfree for playing with my toddler, doing chores or running errands. Babies are used to being in tight quarters in utero, so they like being all wrapped up! I use my Happy and Solly baby wraps back and forth or depending on which matches the rest of my outfit better. I love both of them. (Adam also wears Bea with the Ergo 360 carrier, which he loves)

TWO | Swaddling with The Miracle Blanket

For sleeping, we also swaddle Bea up. Using a swaddle when she’s not being tightly held in the wrap keeps her calm and helps her sleep longer (babies can startle themselves awake and swaddling can help that!)  I like the Miracle Blanket because of interior flaps that keep her arms at her sides. Some babies don’t like swaddles, some love them. Both of my kids fall into the later camp. 

THREE | Swinging with a Graco Swing

Back when Felix was a newborn and I had no idea what I was doing, I remember texting Adam in all caps GO TO TARGET AND BUY A SWING! NOW!!! Ever since, both of our babies have napped in the swing or happily lay in it while I’m doing things like cooking something hot or just needing some time to not be holding a child.  Often it lulls Beatrix to sleep! 

FOUR | Boppy Newborn Lounger

Great for baby to lay on when you need free hands but don’t have a) your baby wrap on or b) in a room with the swing. Basically - everywhere else in the house. We use on the floor or on the couch (only if we are seated next to her). 

FIVE | Soothie Pacifiers

I was really hesitant to use a pacifier with Felix because I was afraid of nipple confusion. He didn’t take one much, but Bea loves hers and uses it a lot. She also nurses well, so getting boobie and paci mixed up wasn’t a problem for us. If you’re not sure - please check with your lactation consultant or pediatrician first. If you do want to use a paci, I recommend the Soothie newborn style. And buy in bulk! You’ll want to have some clean ones in your purse, pockets, diaper bag, coffee table at all times. They disappear quickly and when they hit the ground they roll, so who knows how many you’ll find under your couch months later! 

In addition to carseat/stroller, onesies, diapers and wipes (pro tip: always buy in bulk!) - that’s really all the gear we’ve used (and needed!) since Bea was born and all of it was left over from our son Felix, so it gets the two baby stamp of approval! 


It should go without saying, but babies are fragile little creatures, so always follow manufacturers recommendations and use products as intended. When in doubt, check with your doctor!