Jotting It Down | 002


I’m slowly coming to terms with the fact that I really don’t care about clothing the way I used to. Today when I walked into my bedroom, it was like a tornado had come through. I thought to myself “one thing at a time” but as I began picking up hangers and sorting through things, I felt like I didn’t even want to put anything back into my closet. I’ve assigned these things sentimental or physical value and I’ve felt for so long like I need to keep it because it’s from J.Crew or it was $200 or (hardest of all) it’s vintage. 

I just don’t know if I have the courage to actually get rid of these things. I’ll be honest - there are a handful of pieces I’ve sold in my instagram shop that I regret letting go of. Yet, things are just things. Clothing seems to carry a deeper weight of importance in framing who we are, than say, a tea cup or throw pillow or whatever.  

Ok so I slept on it and I realize that the reason I feel so disconnected to some of this stuff is because my life has changed so much since it first became a part of me. Five years ago I had just bought my first house, didn’t have any kids, was riding high on my blog as a business and styling outfits day in and day out was what I had made into my job. Now my job is different. I get paid in smiles and I wuve yous. So of course I’m not the same person (PEOPLE CHANGE!) and it makes sense that I teeter totter between wanting a fresh start that outwardly vibes with who I am now and holding onto the person I used to be via my closet. 

I don’t know. Today’s a new day. Maybe I’ll go through a bin of stuff I haven’t hung up and finally decide to pass it on to a new home. I love the photos you guys send me of stuff you’ve bought from me by the way. Especially the handmade and vintage pieces. So keep sending ‘em! 

Anyway, hope everyone has a great morning and afternoon and Halloween weekend. I still haven’t made the kids costumes yet. Felix is easy - he’s going to be a fireman and wear his rain jacket and boots with khaki cargo pants and a black tee (I need to iron on his firefighter patch). Bea is going to be… drumrolll please… a bee. She’s going to have a black onesie with yellow stripes, a set of wings I’ve gotta whip together today and a headband with antennae. I don’t know if I’ll dress up yet. Adam was going to wear his bee suit to carry Bea around and I thought I might be a dalmatian to go with Felix. Let’s just see how the day goes…