Jotting It Down | 003


My in-laws have swooped by so I finally have a few minutes to sit down alone with my laptop. There are so many things I wanted to write about over the weekend, but as per normal - we were pretty busy so I just couldn’t find the time. 

On Saturday it was rainy and cold. It felt like the harshness of fall was really settling in. We bundled up the kids and packed on our layers to do some chores outside. Adam and his friends recently felled a couple of dead trees and our neighbor used his splitter to cut them down for us. We ended up with two six foot wide, five foot tall stacks of wood for our fireplace this winter. Blah blah sounds boring but I loved ever second of it. The kids took turns in the wagon or playing in the backseat of the SUV while we loaded and unloaded (the trees were probably 150 yards from the house - way too far for a hundred wheel barrow loads. 

As much as I love getting dressed up (more on that soon), I really really love doing yard work. Mowing the lawn was always a favorite chore of mine growing up and this year we’ve pretty much just tried to keep our grass cut and an eye on the small gardens we planted. Now we’re starting to get a little more serious about what we can grow to eat so we have about 15 fruit trees were planting this week along with garlic that needs to over winter for a harvest next summer. I’m really hoping to do a large plot (1000 sq ft?) for flowers to sell at the weekend markets. We’re also going to add chickens in the spring. I could go on and on and on but I’ll spare you. I feel so good about working alongside Adam to get the job done. I’m realizing more and more that I can be both glamorous at times and at one with nature at others. Sometimes both at once. They are nor mutually exclusive.

So after all that chilly outside work we made a great big fire and spent the afternoon listening to music and hanging out as a family. Saturday nights are so different from what they were five years ago, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world.