Jotting It Down | 004


I really love Halloween. I love getting dressed up. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do this year when I settled on an autumnal Frida Kahlo. I felt so gorgeous - Including the unibrow! Like far and away so much better than I do on a daily basis.  For whatever it’s worth, I was also the only woman dressed up at the party and I kept telling people “I feel like this is my true self!” And I did! Why is it that wearing a costume is so freeing? Should I be dressing like Frida on the daily? If it makes me that happy? 

Adam and I talked more about it. People cross dress - maybe because they don’t feel like they can in regular life. Women wear really revealing kitty costumes or go as sexy versions of fairy tale characters. Guys dress in cosplay like heros from their favorite novels (and women too!) On Halloween, our conservative cultural boundaries are expanded and we can be whatever the hell we want! I wish we could all dress in a way that made us comfortable all the time without being ridiculed. It makes me feel really proud of people that are bold enough to dress in a way that’s not like everyone else. Adam was telling me about a friend of his from high school that’s fully committed to dressing in Goth all the time. I don’t have the courage to be Frida on a random Thursday in Small Town, Indiana, toting around two small kids to Kroger and the playground and the farm supply store. 

But man, I wish I could.