Jotting it Down | 005

Good morning all! We are in full renovation mode here at Quirk HQ, so I’ve been putting most of my creative energy into picking out treatments and trims (and not much blogging). I did want to hop on here to give you a little update if you’re interested in that sort of thing!

Over the weekend my folks came to town and my dad demo’ed all of the tile in our hall and kitchen and together with Adam tore out the carpet from the dining room. They also took down the large iron railings that were along the edge of the dining room, next to our sunken living room. The space looks so huge and I cannot wait to see what the finished flooring looks like! 

We found an amazing deal with remnant ash and it’s so so gorgeous. My last house had all of the original floors so I never had the chance to pick out anything new and I really enjoy making the updates and changes I’ve always dreamed of for this home. I originally wanted to stain it an English Chestnut color but now I’m leaning towards something closer to the natural color. It feels very appropriate for our farmhouse!

The railing will be replaced with horizontal black metal (steel I guess?) that our friend is making for us. We’re also re-engineering a portion of the floor, but that’ll be easier to show you in photos later. My goal is to blend elements of a farmhouse with the midcentury style I gravitate towards in design. The addition in our home was done in the mid 60s, so it all kind of works in a quirky sort of way.

I’m in the midst of picking a new dining table, rugs and light fixture as well. If you follow me on Instagram, check out my stories (I’ve posted some photos there!)

That’s all for now! My darling daughter needs some attention so I’ve gotta jet! Talk soon!