Life Lately | August 15, 2016

Jessica's Closet

WhatIWore: Good morning all! Coming to you from a very soggy southern Indiana… we have gotten so much rain in the past few days and I haven’t left the house in two days. It’s started to wear on my nerves… luckily I’m doing a grocery and post office run later today. I also hope we do can do some outfit photos this week too. I took your advice and bought four pair of full panel bottoms and I’m looking forward to wearing them! 

Speaking of the post office, I’m sending out a dozen items from the little What I Wore Shop I started on Instagram last week. Thanks for your suggestions on the different routes I could take. So far this has seemed pretty easy for both seller and buyer. I think I’m going to stick with fall and winter goods, but I have a HUGE tub of spring and summer dresses to list as well. 

We’re also really excited to find out the gender of baby #2 this week! I was so sure it would be a girl that I started a baby quilt last week, but then decided to hold my horses and wait it out. I have a really cute idea for a boy’s quilt too, so it will be a fun project either way. I’m really ready to transform my sewing room into a second kids room. KIDS! Two kids! Sometimes I’m very overwhelmed by the idea (especially when Felix is on a tear), but all of the teeny tiny kicks I’ve been getting in the past few weeks make me very eager for new baby too. 

Moving into a nursery means moving all of my craft stuff out. I’m going to downsize on a lot of my fabric stash and finally move on from half finished projects. Would any one be interested in buy small lots of fabric from the Instagram shop? 

Lots of projects going on around here! Stay tuned to my facebook or instagram to keep up with the stuff I don’t put on the blog! Have a great start to your week!