Links to Love | February 14

Happy Valentine's Day! WhatIWore: I’m really excited about this weekend! Tonight we’re seeing Casablanca at the historic theatre downtown, maybe with a little dessert bite before or after. Plus House of Cards Season 2 is live on Netflix today, so we’ll probably binge watch a handful of those episodes tomorrow too. Hopefully I’ll also get some time to get into the kitchen and do some baking. Not sure what I’ll be making yet though! I hope you have a wonderful weekend with the ones you love.  Here are some links that caught my eye this week…

How much do you really know about Valentine’s Day?

Figure skating and some Beyonce? Yes, please! 

Fashion and food from bon appetit…I’m intrigued!

Obviously Raymond and Giz hold first place in my heart, but this crazy Instagram cat Lord Aries could be a close third! 

Stain removal 101.

A wonderful example of how to wear cream in the winter!

I don’t want to jinx it, but I have a inkling the cold is on it’s way out (It’s going to snow today, but be in the 50s next week!) J.Crew Factory is having a 40-60% off sale today! (I ordered this comfy striped dress and this maxi skirt)

Did you know that avocados stop those annoying fly away hairs?! More winter beauty tricks here!

Not confident in your writing ability? No worries, this app with turn your bland texts into Hemingway worthy prose!

I’m always amazed with people’s creativity and sense of humor. Look at what they did with Post-its!

Adam and I really like to go camping, but to be honest, someday it would be great to upgrade. But only if the RV looks like this (or we renovate a little vintage Airstream)