Links to Love | January 31

Snowy train tracks

I love the beauty of freshly fallen snow, but I’m definitely ready for that ground hog to declare it’s six weeks until spring! 

A woman is going to quit her job live during the Superbowl? Wise career move or something she’ll regret later?  

What this gal can do with a camera and some vegetables baffles both my mind and my salivary glands.

Or if you’re looking for something on the sweet and ridiculously decadent side, what about baking your own homemade Samoas?

We’ve all heard of FOMO, but what about JOMO? Congratulations, 2014, you’ve officially adopted your first catch phrase.

Feeling a blister coming on from those new shoes? It could be way, way worse.

It’s cold outside! Why not invest in a chic midi skirt? has a few that caught my eye.

Are you sure you’re in the right decade? Find out!

Winter is harsh on the skin. Don’t dry up; try these!

Like your news quick and with a bit of wit? This awesome daily e-mail keeps me up-to-date with current events and always has me laughing!

Do you know what Tinypes are? These ones are stunning!

Above: Photo Source