Midcentury Farmhouse

Surprise! We bought the farm!! And by farm I mean farmhouse on a little bitta acreage. Adam and I have always had dreams of living with a little more open space to roam. Moving with a newborn and a toddler? Selling a home (or attempting to!) at the same time? Are we crazy?!

Maybe. Probably. Definitely. Yes.

Adam had been asking me while I was pregnant if I’d be open to looking at what was on the market. On our list: 2000 sq feet of house, five or more acres and a good location for schools. We started casually looking when we saw a cute little spot in the country. It had been on the market for four days when we first saw it and I knew the second I stepped in the door that I wanted to call it home. Adam saw it again a couple of days later and we decided we should get some professional opinions on our house price wise to see if we could afford to move. And then we got a call that another offer was on the table. Without pre approval on a loan all we could do was write a letter to the family and share our dream of raising our kids outdoors and growing our own food. They loved the letter but had to do what was right for them and take the full prices offer.

We were crushed but decided to continue moving forward with listing our home and searching for another homestead. Nothing else felt anywhere near as magical as the country house. Or in our budget.

Then on the afternoon we returned from Florida we got a call from the listing agent. The deal on the country house fell through. Did we want to make an offer? Long story short, between racing across town with an earnest check, lots of inspections and questions, we closed on the house this afternoon. We joined a co op for our electricity and water. We’re scoping out plans for chicken coops. We’ve ordered seeds for a late harvest. I’m reading books on growing vegetables for fun! This is happening!!!

We won’t call ourselves farmers just yet. Think LARGE gardens. We’ll start with herbs and flowers (and pumpkins) and chickens. The outdoors are under Adam’s supervision while I get to plan how to paint and decorate a quirky and character filled seventy year old home.

I can’t wait to show you guys around! Welcome to my Midcentury Farmhouse!! I’m planning on getting lots of before pictures before I do any work on the place!  In some ways I wish I had a small fortune for new flooring and a master suite and a deck and and and…but I also like the confines of a tight budget. It forces a little more creativity and patience into the mix. I want to be mindful of all the details and this way, I really get to plan on what I want!

We are so excited about this new chapter in our lives and what it means for our family. Pardon the literal and figurative dust while we get settled!