MoM | Getting a Little Me Time


When it comes to being the best wife, mother, friend and teacher, I’m a firm believer that I need to take care of myself in order to care for others. That said, “me time” can be hard to carve out of my busy days, so when I have it, you better believe I make the most of it!

Here’s a recipe for some quality time to recharge.

Create a solo space. We have just one door in our 95 year old house that locks, and it’s our upstairs bathroom. I don’t really need to keep anyone out with a lock, but it’s essential for me to be in a defined separate space so I can turn off mommy mode and actually relax.

Get a drink. Depending on my day I might want a cup of hot water with lemon, some herbal tea or… let’s be real, a glass of wine. Slow down, sip and enjoy.

Dim the lights. You look at your phone, computer or TV all day (at least, I do!) so I like to ditch the screens and light a candle. I’ve also made the mistake in the past of bringing my phone with me and it’s like poof! twenty sweet minutes down the drain because I was too focused on my facebook feed.

Speaking of candles - I like to burn a gardenia scented candle that my husband gave me for Christmas. It’s French and fancy so I don’t light it often, but when I do, it really helps me slow down!

As for music - that’s up to you! I actually like the peace and quiet and I’m the kind of person that will count how many songs have played and think too much time has passed. Otherwise, press play and groove on!

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Treat Yourself (with something outside of your normal routine). Back in my single days, I used to spend so much time doing facials or giving myself pedicures and manicures. Now that my time is much more limited, I don’t do these things nearly enough. It’s easily been two months since my feet have had any special attention andwoof these dogs are barking! I’ll spare you the before photos but my polish was 75% chipped off and my heels were… um… crusty. (I know I’m not the only one who has rough feet in winter! No judgment!!)
While the hot water is running for a bath, I got rid of all of the old nail polish. And for full disclosure, to create this post, it actually took two separate times in the tub - the first to actually treat myself while Felix napped and the second to snap photos after my nails were painted (in Back to the Fuchsia) and my rough heels scrubbed.

Once in the tub and after a good soak, it’s time to slough off that hardened winter skin (I use Sole Control from Sally Hansen).

Editor’s Note: I’ve used pumice stones and even blades to scrape away tough skin (again, no judgment! I love being barefoot!) but I was seriously impressed with how soft my feet were after using this tool. I also liked how the handle was shaped and how easy it was to use on all sides of my feet.

After the bath, I spritz on my homemade body oil (a coconut and grapeseed mix with eucalyptus oil), throw on a robe and get back to my boys!

Since having a baby, I’ve realized that even 15 minutes of alone time can recharge my batteries. It’s not something I get every day (or every week), but I’m grateful for those times I can get away… even if I’m just upstairs.

What kinds of things do you do to pamper yourself when you have a spare moment alone?

Heads up! This post is a collaboration with Sally Hansen, made possible by the Style Coalition. Thanks for supporting the brands that make What I Wore possible.