My Spring Closet | 2015

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WhatIWore: Last week on a whim I booked a ticket to the Gulf Coast to visit my sister and took it as an opportunity to update my spring wardrobe. Last year I was just starting to show my pregnancy and my usual favorites (like full, colorful skirts) wouldn’t cut it. If I’ve learned anything about my style in the past year, it’s that I know what I like and when I like something, I wear it all the time!

So here’s a real view at what I bought… yesterday. Let’s start with the header image, shall we? I’ve never worn a pants jumpsuit and it looks really easy and cool. It’s a button front style so I can still nurse the babe and I’ll probably style it with cute flats and a straw hat for day and nude heels and long earrings at night. It’s a bigger splurge but I have a feeling I’ll throw it on a lot. 


Next up… tops! (1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6) You might be thinking to yourself, damn girl, three striped shirts? Why? I’ll tell you! I really like stripes! I’ve been wearing some version or another of a Breton striped tee for six years and some of those knits have begun to show their age, so it’s time for an update. I also think they’ll be cute with jeans (which I bought for winter in my new size and will carry over to spring), black jeans (same as the regular denim), shorts and bold skirts (see below). Stripes are technically not a neutral, but they’re absolutely a core building block to my closet (see over a hundred striped OOTD posts here). 

I’ve also purchased a basic navy top with flutter sleeves, a burnout long sleeved tee and a polka dot sleeveless tunic. Those will all work with jeans or denim shorts, as well as any other skirts that fit (once I unpack ‘em!)


Now… bottoms! Because have jeans that fit well, I won’t need to update anything there. If being outside and more active changes anything, I’ve got plenty for the next size down (which is what the majority of my closet is composed of… I’d love to someday wear those pieces again!)

New pieces include two floral skirts (red/black and purple) which I would normally want to sew myself, but I just don’t get the sewing time I’d like anymore. These will look cute with the stripes or would be great with black or white tee shirts and a cute hat and flats. I like the retro appeal of them!

Also included are two pair of shorts (denim, patterned) to throw on and go into mommy duty. I used to think I’d never buy denim shorts when I could just cut off a pair of old jeans, but I’m too hesitant to chop a) new jeans and b) jeans I might fit into soon!

You might notice I haven’t bought any dresses. I have so many that I couldn’t wear last year because of the baby bump, that I think I’ll be ok this year. They’ll probably be for date nights or time spent away from Felix because they’re not very nursing friendly! 

I still have a few other items I’ll keep my eyes open for - navy rain boots, a navy raincoat or trenchcoat and a little bit of a budget for anything that jumps out at me.

Finally, I’m not super sure what I want to do for shoes, but they’ll need to be comfortable enough for long stroller walks with the kiddo. I’m also pretty set up with handbags so unless something grabs me through the screen and begs me to buy it, I probably won’t put any money into that either.

What’s on your spring shopping list? I’d love to hear about it on my facebook page!