Natural Beauty 101 | Manicure

WhatIWore: I’ve always loved doing my own nails or getting a salon manicure, but with a little guy around (and constant hand washing and fingers in a baby’s mouth), I’m not comfortable wearing polish. Solution? A natural manicure sans lacquer.  Here’s how I score beautiful, healthy nails.

1. Proper nutrition. When they say beauty comes from the inside, it’s true! Drinking plenty of water and eating a balanced diet will show in your skin, hair and nails. I also take a pre-natal vitamin and I think that helps too!

2. Keep ‘em clipped! Pregnancy made my nails grow super fast and if I didn’t keep up with clipping them regularly, they’d get little tiny knicks on the sides and end up snagging clothing and/or ripping off. Eww. Now I’ve made clipping my nails a part of my regular routine and they all have a uniform length - just like after a salon mani. If your family is anything like mine, nail clippers always seem to go missing. Today I’m using a classic nail clipper from Sally Hansen.

3. File those edges. Clipping alone doesn’t leave the smooth edge I like (again, pointy corners that can snag fabric). The traditional paper emery boards are fine, but this Sapphire Edge metal file (Sally Hansen, available at Target) is a game changer. I’ve heard you’re supposed to only file in one direction, but I go back and forth and aim for a rounded shape to match the natural curves of my nail. 

4. Go buff. I love the shine of nail polish, but you can get the same gleam by buffing your nails instead. Using a foam buffing block, I follow the numbered sides in order to get an optimal shine.

5. Keep your cuticles conditioned. Nice nails are nothing without soft, intact cuticles around them. Hang nails and crusty cuticles (again, eww) are the result of the skin around your nails getting overly dry (which can easily happen during the winter months!) I like oil-based cuticle cream, but have been known to borrow my son’s baby oil or even coconut oil from the kitchen in a pinch.

6. Repeat often. If you routinely keep up with your nails using these steps, they’ll always look healthy and polished, even if you’re not brushing any paint on them. And if you are a polish addict (like I once was), it’s still nice to occasionally give your nails a break from the cycle of paint and remover. 

Heads Up! This post was made possible by Style Coalition and Sally Hansen. Thank you for supporting the brands that make What I Wore possible!