Ready To Repeat | Spring Outfits

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WhatIWore: I usually feel so inspired at this point in the season, but this year I’m in a little bit of a rut! Well, maybe not a rut, more like a style pause. While my house is being renovated I’m not motivated to get that dressed up. Sometimes your mind can only be in so many places. 

When I feel like this, I know the best route is to just repeat outfits that I felt good in before. I’ve scrolled through my gallery to get ideas and these were some of my favorites. Basic tees, easy skirts, casual jackets and lighter washed jeans all jumped out to me.  

From a recent closet clean out slash switcharoo, I know that I need to fill in the gaps with some cute tops, relaxed pants and basic jackets. I also have a few sewing projects I’m working on so that should do it for my spring wardrobe. I’m excited to pull those looks together in the near future! 

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