Spring Break Swim

Retro Style Swim Suits from ModCloth

WhatiWore: You guys! I am going on Spring Break for the first time in my life this year! In grade and high school we never did a family trips during the school year and in college I was broke as a joke and my parents were not about to finance a booze cruise for me. But that’s alright… this year I am really looking forward to our extended family trip to Florida.

I like to pick a theme when I go on vacation. For our anniversary trip to Belize I picked out a few swimsuits that had an Aztec kind of vibe. Neon bohemian? For Florida I have plans (and fabric!) to make some 50s style dresses and I bought some retro style sunglasses. So I’m thinking I might grab a new vintage inspired swimsuit too. I tried on some of my retro styles from years past before our last trip and they still didn’t fit in the bosom, but if they do, I probably won’t get anything new. BUT! If I do, I really like these options! I don’t like for my lower stomach to be exposed (except for when I was pregnant! weird!) so I’ve sought out one pieces or high rise bottoms. Help me choose! 

Above: Blue and Purple One Piece, Pink and Black One Piece, Green and Black Two Piece  Below: Polka Dot Two Piece, Orange Blue and Purple Two Piece, Yellow and Pink Two Piece

Retro Style Swim Suits from ModCloth and J.Crew