Styling My New Cut | Two Ways

New Years Hair Styles

WhatIWore: Since starting my new hair regimen (I’m about 3 weeks in!), I’ve been playing around a lot with second day hair. In the past, I would have hid under a hat or pulled it into a pony tail but now I’m finding it actually almost looks better on the next day! Plus it’s a lot of time to wash, dry and style it and it’s damaging to strip away all of those good oils too often. 

Today I had a little extra time to style my hair and this is how I think I’ll wear it for New Year’s Eve. A little bigger, a little more bouncy. Not sure what our plans are this year, but if the past is any indication, I’ll be snoozing by midnight. We’ll probably just have dinner at a friend’s house and go low key. That said, I’ll still take the opportunity to spend more time on myself before we head out the door. 

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soft curls for short hair, messy curly bob with bangs, bob with bangs

For soft curls…SEE THE VIDEO HERE!

In short:

  • Full Shampoo and Full Condition hair as normal
  • Towel dry and spritz on prime style extender spray
  • Blow dry completely.
  • Divide top layers from bottom.
  • Use a 1″ barrel curling iron in smallish sections, curling hair away from the face
  • Twist each section while it’s hot to give it a little more curl
  • Give it a spritz of hairspray and let down the top section of hair.
  • Curl in same method as bottom layers.
  • Lastly I flat iron my bangs to give them the slightest round shape
  • Lightly finger comb it out.
  • Give it one final spray and off you go!

Now! How I’ve been playing around with second day hair…


How to grow out your bangs, short bob, second day hair

After a late(ish) night out, the next morning I often want to just get myself to the diner STAT and don’t spend more than 10 minutes to get dressed and do my hair and makeup (plus I have a toddler to chase!) Here’s how I revived my second day hair:

  • Brush it well BEFORE you go to bed to help spread any natural oil down the hair shaft.
  • In the morning, divide hair in sections and spray Perfect Hair Day dry shampoo at the roots. Let it sit for a bit and then brush your hair again. I like to flip upside down when I do this so I it looks a little poofy when I flip back up, but I love the volume!
  • Next I brush it back into place and finger comb it so it’s not one perfect smooth section. A little messy is good!
  • Now I take my bangs from the side (and grab a few strands of longer hair) and create a little braid. I give that a light spritz and pin it to the side. 
  • Ta da! A cute, easy way to style without plopping on a big ol’ hat. 
Heads up! This post is the second in a series with my sponsors Living Proof. They’ve provided me with all of the product so I can share the results with you.