Darker Shade of Blonde

Dark Blonde Bob, Blonde Balayage

I gave it a good go, but I’m ready to trade in my platinum blonde for something a little closer to my natural shade. And by natural I mean a lighter brunette and no more gray!! Like all of my hair appointments I’ve pulled together a little inspiration board to show my stylist. Here’s what I’m thinking - but I could use some help!

Option one is to keep the length and go in over the light blonde with a darker shade and keep my current cut like the this top set of photos. The other idea I’m playing with are bangs. I’m a little wishy washy there, but when I look back at old photos I can’t help but think they’re cute! Here’s my mood board before I got those back in 2015.

What do you think? Can you comment on my instagram this morning with thoughts? My appointment is at noon!

Dark Blonde Bob, Blonde Balayage

Inspired By | Stripes with Brown

Brown and Stripes, How to wear stripes for fall

WhatIWore: So I’ve got a little brown suede mini skirt that I found at Goodwill and I’ve been hesitant to wear it without tights. Now that it’s cooler out, I’ve turned to Pinterest to gather some ideas on how to style it. Although none of these are exactly what I have in mind (or in my closet), it’s definitely helped to get my wheels spinning.  

I think as the average gal reading blogs and checking stuff out online, it’s important to remember that all of this inspiration can either be daunting (I’ll never compare!) or just a great place to get ideas and a launch pad. Some bloggers wear outfits that probably cost thousands of dollars, but could I replicate something similar? Sure! It’s all about the inspiration! 

We’re so lucky to live in a time of so much information and to have so many resources for our creativity. And honestly, to dress as we damn well please! A hundred years ago women didn’t have nearly the freedom of expression through clothes like we do. Women didn’t wear pants! Or vote! 

Anyway…. I’ll jump off my tiny soapbox to say… these photos have me thinking about some mod mini skirt and stripe combos that I might try out later this week. What’s on your radar these days?

Featured above: Syndey (in the maxi and hat), Lucy (in the mini and blousey stripes) and Kiana (with the bangs and black scarf)

Get the Look | Seventies Accessories

Seventies, Seventies Accessories, 1970s Style

My magic crystal ball is telling me the 1970s are going to be a big inspiration for fall and that makes me so happy. I love the colorful harvest toned pallets, silhouettes, hair styles and accessories inspired by the seventies. I’ve been pinning like crazy and looking for modern interpretations available online (and shopping my favorite thrift and vintage stores IRL). 

Wanna get the look? Here’s what to shop for:


Woven Details (especially in leather): The 1970s were big for handicrafts so anything that has handmade looking details like weaving or braiding capture the essence of the decade. Find it on belts, shoes, boots and bags. I bought these boots (on sale until August 3rd) that I’ll wear with jeans, button front skirts and flowy dresses. Search etsy  and “70s woven leather belt” for other vintage options (my favorites are HERE, HERE & HERE

Fringe (again, in leather!): Whether it’s in cognac brown (more of a boho vibe) or black (glam rock), fringe is a fun little way to get a bit of seventies without doing the whole hippie thing. I think bags are also great for more sophisticated women to do the flower child thing without looking too junior. 

Full Brimmed Felt Hats: I’m obsessed with hats all year round, but for fall I’ll wear velour rabbit fur hats in a variety of colors. I recommend supporting independent milliners if you can (if that’s not a hint, I don’t know what is… stay tuned for some exciting news in the coming weeks!). In the meantime, search terms like “rabbit fur or velour wide brim hats” will yield the highest quality results! Or… if you’re not sure if a hat will work for you, find a good bargain and see if you like it! 

Silk Scarves: Go with a kerchief looped twice around your neck (or around the handle of your handbag) or a long skinny scarf drapped around your neck. Hit up a vintage store or ask your mom or grandma if she has one you can wear! On etsy, I like this one! 

Medallion Necklaces: Look for longer length necklaces with big, bold statements. Be prepared for people to ask “Where did you get that?!”

What I really love about this trend is that you can get the look at a lot of price points, and if you are willing to do the digging, you can find authentic vintage pieces to mix in with your modern closet.

What’s your favorite 70s accessory and how do you plan on wearing it?

See more inspiration on my Pinterest Page.

Recipe for Style | Chambray, Denim & Camel

Recipe for Style | Chambray, Denim and CamelWhatIWore: A couple of weeks ago when I was researching ideas on how to wear my camel coat, I came across a few denim and camel combos and I really like how they look! The key for me is how the chambray and denim have the same undertones but are a different shade. Imagine they started out the same color and the chambray just got washed 100 more times than the jeans. To pull it together, I love the camel coat on top, but navy or olive green would work too! 

Want a little more inspiration? Check out my Pinterest board below! 

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