Inspired By | Leopard Sweater

How to Style a Leopard Cardigan, inspired by casual leopard print

WhatIWore: The other day I was spinning through Target to buy overnight diapers and cat food when I saw a leopard cardigan in the women’s section (surprise surprise). At first glance, I thought it was too prim and proper (it is a cardigan after all!) but then I decided why not bring it home and style it in a way that was a little more edgy to see if it would work.  I have a problem with only buying pants and just resorting to wearing a lot of tee shirts, so this would help things out. And I’m no stranger to leopard in my closet anyway, but it’s been a while since I’ve embraced it and I really like this piece (only $23!) which means… inspiration time!

Here are my takeaways to creating a laid back leopard cardigan look:

  • Hair and Makeup - should be tousled and minimal
  • Wear with Casual or Edgy Pieces - like faded or distressed denim or a moto jacket
  • Keep Accessories to a Minimum - no statement necklaces or shiny bits
  • Footwear - go with an ankle bootie or strappy sandal

I hope I have a chance to wear and photograph it sometime this week! 

Darker Shade of Blonde

Dark Blonde Bob, Blonde Balayage

I gave it a good go, but I’m ready to trade in my platinum blonde for something a little closer to my natural shade. And by natural I mean a lighter brunette and no more gray!! Like all of my hair appointments I’ve pulled together a little inspiration board to show my stylist. Here’s what I’m thinking - but I could use some help!

Option one is to keep the length and go in over the light blonde with a darker shade and keep my current cut like the this top set of photos. The other idea I’m playing with are bangs. I’m a little wishy washy there, but when I look back at old photos I can’t help but think they’re cute! Here’s my mood board before I got those back in 2015.

What do you think? Can you comment on my instagram this morning with thoughts? My appointment is at noon!

Dark Blonde Bob, Blonde Balayage

Still Loving | Embroidered Denim

Embroidered Denim, Embroidered Jean Jacket

Around this time last year I was just finishing up my embroidered denim jacket project and I’ve been thinking about more ways to wear it. At the time, I took my design inspiration from the high end runways (hello, Gucci!) Now the trend has really trickled down to the mass market and there are a lot of cute options out there - many of them on sale! If you were thinking about making your own and never got around to it, check out some ideas below! Or finally hit up the craft store and get stitching!! Details on how I made mine are here!

PS. This UK designer is amazing. Check her out!

Embroidered Denim, Embroidered Jean Jacket


Cultivating Your Personal Style | Gathering Inspiration

Creating Your Personal Style, Cultivating Your Personal Style, How to Plan a Wardrobe, Getting Inspired Making Mood Boards

Today I’m excited to walk you through how I’m working on cultivating my own personal style for the upcoming seasons. If you’re anything like me, you’ll fall into a style rut once in a while. Adjusting to being a new mom (or in my case - a mom of two!) pushed me into a routine of tee shirts and shorts, days without washing my hair and generally - not caring much about how I look. And that’s ok. We all will have times in our lives when what we wear takes a backseat. That said, I also know myself well enough to know when I feel good about the way I look it can carry over into the rest of my day. Simply said - I’m ready for that feeling again!! 

Whenever I approach a new season, I like to work with fresh inspiration to organize my shopping list and highlight what’s already in my closet. For today’s post, I’ll be sharing how I gather ideas and get my creative wheels spinning. Guys - it’s a lot of fun! I really encourage you to spend an hour or two playing around with ideas like this before you run out and hit the mall (slash Target/thrift store/whatever!)

I went out to you guys on instagram and asked if you had any personas you used for your closets and there were some great ones - Yoga teacher applies for a loan, Midcentury librarian, Old Lady Artist at craft fair (in all black with stunning statement necklace), and Sante Fe Gallery Owner. I’d love to hear more on my Instagram comments if you have one! 

70s style, 70s fashion, 70s mood board, How to Create a Mood Board

Part I Gathering Inspiration

The first thing I like to do is search for images that can take my initial ideas and branch them out further. This fall I’m playing with ‘70s Art Teacher’ as my early theme. Other search terms I’m using are bohemian, 70s style, 1970s fashion, Charlie’s Angels, High Waisted Jeans, and High Waisted Flares. I do this all on Pinterest and hello! rabbit hole! 

As you scan through your results, save anything you’re initially drawn to - you can go back and edit it out later if you want. Another feature I use a lot is the “more like this” whenever I find something I really like. It can take you further in creating your mood boards!

For my theme, I started pinning pictures like you see above - a palette of navy, rust, oxblood and orange. But I also felt drawn to weekend styling like retro style tees paired with high waisted jeans! There’s room in my life for both so I saved them all! And don’t feel like you need to copy anything head to toe (unless you want to!) I know that blue tights aren’t going to work for me, but I like the sweater, shirt and skirt combo, so on to the board it goes. And if you find photos that embrace the general mood - add those too!

70s style, 70s fashion, 70s mood board, How to Create a Mood Board

If you’d like to scan some other mood board ideas, I have an entire category of them here (like French Casual, Choppy Bobs with Bangs (should I get bangs again is my ever present question en route to the salon!) How to Style a Houndstooth Blazer, Ways to Wear Bandanas)

Later this week I’ll be posting Part II of how I cultivate my personal style - Shopping Your Closet. I’ll take my mood boards here into my own closet to see how I can use what I already have (like the faux shearling coat I made last year pictured above!) before I make a wishlist for this season’s buying! Until then, here are some more of the images that have me ready to embrace my inner artsy fartsy, flare leg loving, high rise (mom) jean self!

70s style, 70s fashion, 70s mood board, How to Create a Mood Board

70s style, 70s fashion, 70s mood board, How to Create a Mood Board