DIY | Modern Triangle Trash Bin

DIY Modern Triangle Trash Bin, DIY, @whatiwore

WhatIWore: Now that I have a good idea for the color palette and overall feel for our baby’s nursery, I’m excited to start in on DIY projects for the room. The starting point for it all was the rainbow triangle quilt I recently made as the main focal point and pop of color.

I plan on doing some wall art, making a pillow to match the quilt and today, I’m updating a very inexpensive little wastepaper bin to match the colors and triangles of my quilt.  I have a kind of bad habit of just hanging plastic bags on the back of my upstairs doors (nursery, closet, master bedroom) and using them to collect the recycling instead of proper trash cans. This leads to the two bins I do have (in the bathroom and my office) being over filled (and thus resorting back to the plastic bags). If there was ever a time to work on organization and getting this house in gear, it’s now! 

So! Let’s get moving with this cute little craft!! Here’s what I’m using:

DIY Modern Triangle Trash Bin, DIY, @whatiwore


  • Small Plastic Trash Bin (I found mine for $1!)
  • Assortment of Scotch® Duct Tape (For the pattern I used ‘Pattern Crazy’ and for solids I had Hot Pink, Sunshine Yellow, Tangerine Orange and Blue Turquoise. )
  • Self Healing Cutting Mat
  • Ruler (with angle marks)
  • Sharp Utility Knife (use with caution!)

The last time I played with duct tape I realized it was easiest to cut it using a self healing mat - it stayed in place while I cut it but easily peeled off when I was ready to get sticky. I’ll be using that same technique today.

Start by unrolling some of your tape and placing it along a straight line on your mat. 

DIY Modern Triangle Trash Bin, DIY, @whatiwore

Next, we’ll want to cut equilateral triangles, which all have 60 degree corners. I’ll do this by laying my 60 degree mark along the bottom edge of the tape and making my first cut along the straight edge of the ruler here. Now I’ll flip my ruler to the top edge of the tape and complete the second cut! This leaves me with a perfect equal sized triangle and I’ve also made the first cut for my second triangle.

DIY Modern Triangle Trash Bin, DIY, @whatiwore

Continue in this manner until you’ve created enough triangle 'stickers’ per color and pattern you’ve picked for your project. 

That was the hardest part! Now onto the fun stuff! Let’s get stickin’! Instead of completely filling my background space with triangles, I decided to let a little of the white show through, so I created little clusters of triangles.  I wanted to focus on my main nursery pop colors (yellow and teal) and add in accents of the pattern tape (which actually looks very similar to the quilt!) and bits of orange and pink. Note: duct tape sticks to itself easily and won’t come undone, so keep a little distance between all of your tape stickers. They’ll peel up from the cutting mat easily (and I even repositioned a few of mine on the plastic bin). 

DIY Modern Triangle Trash Bin, DIY, @whatiwore

Once your triangle is in it’s final position, press down firmly around the edges. This will create a strong bond and you shouldn’t see any peeling! 

DIY Modern Triangle Trash Bin, DIY, @whatiwore

Continue around all sides of your bin until the pattern is complete! If you’re extra patient you could cut out hexagons, multiple sized triangles or even make a cool mosaic with random shapes! You can follow Scotch® Duct Tape on their website, Pinterest, facebook and twitter accounts.

DIY Modern Triangle Trash Bin, DIY, @whatiwore

I am proud to be a 3M- sponsored blogger, and, as part of my responsibilities, I get the opportunity to evaluate new products from Scotch® Duct Tape. Opinions are my own and additional product used in the project were selected by me.



What I Wore | The Little Things

Kimono Top, Pregnancy Style, @whatiwore

WhatIWore: Confession: There’s no occasion too small to get dressed up. At least, that’s my logic when it comes to our weekly farmer’s market. I use it as a chance to play with some sort of outfit that’s casual, floral or earthy and wear it throughout the day each Saturday.

Truthfully though, sometimes I do sneak out in yoga pants, but I always feel so much better when I take 20-30 minutes to do my hair and makeup and pick out an outfit that makes me feel good about myself. 

When: April 26, 2014

Hat: Self Made (more summer styles here)
Dress: Target (styled differently here)
Kimono: Nordstrom Rack
Bag: Coach (more options here)
Flats: Toms

Where: Farmer’s Market, Little 500 Bike Race, Picnic at the Park

Today’s post was inspired by festival style. I’ve actually never been to a music festival (huge crowds! anxiety! ugh!), but I do like playing with laid back, bohemian style looks (especially now that I’m pregnant! I love the Earth goddess kind of vibe!)

I took one of my very basic knit maternity dresses and styled it with a self made straw hat, chambray flat sandals and a new kimono style top I bought at the Nordstrom Rack in Chicago. I think it could also be really cute with a basic tank and some jean shorts this summer too. No matter how inexpensive, I always like to envision the multiple ways I can wear a piece before I buy it. This is what being a shopping genius means to me! 

Speaking of the Rack, tonight I’ll be attending a new store Private Shopping Event in Columbus, OH (the store officially opens on May 1st) To celebrate, I’m doing a real time instagram giveaway for TWO, $100 gift cards. To put this into perspective, on my last trip I bought not only this kimono top (under $20) but a marked down DvF dress for $48 which would still leave around $30 for something else on your wish list! 

Follow me on Instagram tonight (April 29th, 4-7pm EST) for details on how you can win!  In the meantime, I’d love to see your boho/festival style on instagram! Tag @NordstromRack and me in your comments plus #shopgenius for your chance to get featured (and followed!) by their 30K+ fans!) 

Pregnancy Style, Maternity Style, Nordstrom Rack, @whatiwore

Pregnancy Style, Maternity Style, Nordstrom Rack, @whatiwore

Pregnancy Style, Maternity Style, Nordstrom Rack, @whatiwore

Pregnancy Style, Maternity Style, Nordstrom Rack, @whatiwore

Heads up! As always, I’ve purchased everything featured in this post, which is a collaboration with Nordstrom Rack. Show how you’re a #shopgenius on instagram, by using the tag to feature your best buys from the Rack. Thank you for supporting the brands that make What I Wore possible.