The Best Blog Post I've Ever Written

Jessica Quirk, PregnancyWhatIWore: When I was a little girl, I used to dream about what my adult life might be like. So many of my dreams have come true - from working in the fashion industry, living in NYC, to writing a book and falling in love with my soul mate. But there’s one thing that I’ve kept hoping and praying for ever since Adam and I were married. FInally, I’m glad to say my wish has been granted…

We’re expecting our first baby this summer! We could not be more thrilled with our happy news. You should see me typing this! I’ve got the biggest ear to ear grin and my eyes are welling up with tears. I’ve never been happier!

On a hunch and a day late, I decided to run to the store to grab a pregnancy test on Christmas Eve - and that’s when we found out! What a happy holiday!!

You may have noticed that along with a new job and the bitter winter weather, my first trimester stopped me from posting outfit photos at my normal rate. When they say you’ll be exhausted, it’s true! Now that I’m into my second trimester, I have a lot more energy so I hope to get back on track here to the best of my ability.

I’ll also be sharing some baby and pregnancy related posts from time to time, so if you’d prefer to only read about outfits, you can always book mark my ’Daily Outfits’ tab to filter what you see!  

Over the years I’ve gotten to know a lot of you through emails, tweets and comments. Writing this blog post has been just as exciting as telling all of my off line friends in person. Thank you for sharing in my greatest joy!