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Iris Documentary

WhatIWore: Rainy Sunday on your hands? Love documentaries and fashion? If so, you will LOVE this new release on Netflix - Iris, directed by Albert Maysles (of Grey Gardens fame). I watched it the other night and was so absolutely inspired. Some of you may recognize Iris Apfel, a women known for her unique sense of style, but the film offers a glimpse into how she creates her signature look and about her marriage and career as an interior decorator and fabric designer. 

Watching this made me want to have more fun getting dressed! To throw on an extra bracelet (or two, or ten)! To wear my giant sunglasses and funky pattern prints! I love it when a film gets my wheels turning! I think you’ll enjoy it too! 

And if you’ve already seen it and liked it, you might also enjoy The Eye Has to Travel or Advanced Style