Ways to Wear | Denim + Leopard

Jessica Quirk of What I Wore shows multiple ways to style denim and leopard

WhatIWore: I’ve got a long diatribe about my views on fashion blogging and it’s future, but I’ll save that for another day. I bring it up because one of my new personal goals is to look more to my own closet, and the pieces I’ve collected over the years, for inspiration. And what’s a daily outfit blog good for if you can’t scroll through your archives for ideas? You guys know I love a repeat outfit and these photos from seasons past have given me a fresh dose of inspiration. 

Denim and animal prints are such a great pairing. Some would call both a neutral and in a high fashion world, I suppose that’s true. Neutral in the sense that they both will match 95% or more of the other things in your closet. But when you pair the two together, the leopard (or cheetah) gets to take center stage.

Animal prints are nothing new, but maybe you’re the kind of gal that’s been on the fence about adding something spotty to your wardrobe. Maybe a leopard vintage coat isn’t the right place to start, but a pair of flats or a bag could be a great way to play around with it to see if it’s for you.  If there’s one thing that’s important to me with this blog, it’s embracing personal style, and that’s not something that’s in or out as the calendar pages turn. Personal style is personal to you! 

The pieces featured in this post are from past seasons or vintage, but find more options that might work for you below. Or to see all of my leopard/cheetah ensembles, click here.