What I Wore | Lucky

WhatIWore: Here’s what I wore a couple of days ago on St. Patrick’s Day. No green for me, but Felix was decked out and the perfect little accessory. The title for this post works equally well for the calendar date and the real inspiration behind this outfit - old school issues of Lucky magazine. Doesn’t this look like something that could have been in one of those classic issues? It feels weird to call a 5 year old magazine classic, but back when the original founders were still involved, the styling had kind of a weirdly cute odd ball feel. The stylists put together outfits that you wouldn’t think could work, but looked interesting and new. To me it was less about trying to track down an actual item and more how I could look into my closet and put together something similar. So this outfit is an ode to those good old days. 

When: March 17, 2015

Shades: Karen Walker ‘Super Duper’
Q Scrabble Necklace: Heist Jewelry
White Moto Jacket: MICHAEL Michael Kors (similar)
Dress: Vintage
Bag: Lancel
Booties: L.L. Bean Signature

Where: Out and About

These photos might look a little different to you - we took them in the afternoon as opposed to our normal morning routine. And truth be told, I put this on to go to the grocery. I was so stir crazy and I knew Felix needed to get out of the house that I decided to put myself together and go out! I’m glad I did because later that night I was hit with the nastiest food poisoning in years and spent all of Wednesday in bed. Now I’ve got cabin fever again but not really in the mood to go out on a cloudy chilly day. We’ll have to find some other way to keep busy I guess! Anyway, to me, it doesn’t really matter where you’re going, if you feel like putting on a dress and doing your makeup because it makes you feel better - just do it!