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DvF Wrap for Pregnancy, Maternity Style, @whatiwore

DvF Wrap for Pregnancy, Maternity Style, @whatiworeWhatIWore: This weekend was some kind of wonderful. Around Friday at noon, just on schedule, the weather perked up and then it was gorgeous all weekend. We spent so much time outside - whether working from our laptops on the patio to watching the Little 500 race, to a picnic with friends or a hike at Lake Monroe. It’s the kind of weekend that makes you so grateful for spring! But let’s get to this dress, shall we…? 


When: April 25, 2014

Scarf: Vintage Givenchy
Shades: Cactus Flower (local boutique)
Dress: DvF
Bag: Milly (similar)
Sandals: Target

Where: Dinner Date with Adam at Upland, and Chocolate Moose for dessert

This dress… well, this is a special one for me! On my trip to Chicago a couple weekends ago, I promised myself a splurge, as long as it would work with my pregnancy and after. And when it comes to a designer that never goes out of style - it’s Diane von Furstenberg.  This is my fourth addition to my wrap collection (fifth total DvF) and it’s definitely the kind of thing I see myself keeping and wearing forever… if only to maybe pass it on to a daughter in the future (wouldn’t you just flip if your mom passed down her 1970s DvF wraps to you?!?!)  When I saw this particular dress, I thought it looked like something I would have loved to see my own mom wearing while pregnant with me. I just love it. 

One other lil note: I added a little thread bar tack and metal hook to the top of the dress to help keep it a little more modest (great for pregnancy or any other time! Just carefully pin to mark!)

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DvF Wrap for Pregnancy, Maternity Style, @whatiwore

DvF Wrap for Pregnancy, Maternity Style, @whatiwore