What I Wore | Spring Morning

@whatiwore, 21 weeks pregnant, Maternity Style, Yellow, SpringWhatIWore: Greetings from beautiful Bloomington! It’s been a gorgeous weekend and morning and I feel like I’m practically radiating happiness! Celebrating this warm morning with a new peplum style top that's not maternity and will definitely be worn in spring and summer seasons to come. I did, however, finally bite the bullet on getting maternity jeans and I wish I had done it sooner.

When: April 21, 2014

Shades: Cactus Flower
Top: Calendula via Anthropologie
Jeans: Gap Maternity (get 40% today using code DAYS)
Bag: Lancel
Bracelets: vintage, C.Wonder
Shoes: Adrienne Vittadini via DSW

Where: Studio, Appointments

Buying a pair of preggers pants was a big self esteem boost. I’ve been using a rubber band at the waistband at a pair of jeans that were two sizes up and over the weekend (and over a couple of amazingly delicious meals!) I realized they just wouldn’t cut it anymore. I mean, seriously, I unbuttoned them entirely during dinner at The Purple Pig in Chicago (and if you’ve eaten there, I’m sure you can understand why!) Luckily I was tucked into the back banquet and no one was the wiser (until now!), but long story short, I really needed to upgrade to a maternity style.

These jeans were a big boost for me because I was able to buy my normal size with a maternity waistband. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been wishing for this bump to pop for a long time, but I’ve also gained 15 pounds in a few months, which can do a number on a girl’s confidence. Luckily, I’m feeling really good now that I’m playing with styles that are not only comfortable but still fit my sense of style.  Win, win! 

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Also: My favorite poem, Spring Morning, by A.A. Milne

@whatiwore, 21 weeks pregnant, Maternity Style, Yellow, Spring

@whatiwore, 21 weeks pregnant, Maternity Style, Yellow, Spring

@whatiwore, 21 weeks pregnant, Maternity Style, Yellow, Spring

@whatiwore, Maternity Style, 21 Weeks, Yellow