Throwback Thursday | Mommy + Me Edition

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Back when I made this romper for Bea Bea I vaguely thought back to an outfit from my own childhood - a red, white and blue dress I wore for my kindergarden school photo in the late 80s. When I was cleaning out my garage a few weeks back I found the actual portrait and thought it would be fun to see it next to the outfit I stitched for Bea. She's a little hard to keep still these days, but I grabbed a couple photos for a side by side. It's a Throwback Thursday - 30 years for me along side my own little girl! 

Oh! Also! Yesterday while thrifting a woman said something like "what a cute outfit! Is it vintage!?" Music to my ears! What a compliment! 

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Bohemian Brights Etsy Shop Update

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Hey friends! I have been collecting some really wonderful multicolored and rainbow treasures that I just updated into my etsy shop! The brighter objects have sold faster in the past, so if you see something you love, grab it before it's gone!

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Spring Mill State Park


My ideal adventure or vacation includes: something natural, something historical and something fancy. Today we unlocked that achievement by packing a picnic and taking the kids to the pioneer village at Spring Mill State Park!! I love this place! We usually visit once a year (see baby Felix in previous visits here) to watch the giant grist milk run, listen to reenactors while they weave, tool leather or spin pottery and wander the grounds. We always get a stick of old fashioned candy before heading home. For a couple seconds, on a slow afternoon, I can imagine myself living there back in time. I’ve always loved history and used to dress up in historic costumes (read about me and my Kirsten doll here) and I’m scheming for a trip to Colonial Williamsburg all decked out when the kids are a little older. For now, a country drive an hour south will hold me over. #pinoeerlife


Throwback Thursday | Dot + Red

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Since I'm all in on the family history research these days, I thought I'd do a Throwback Thursday post with some of my grandparent's, Dorothy and Walter (who's nicknames were Dot and Red) wedding photos! If you think I get a kick out of finding old genealogy lines, imagine how much I love seeing these old photos of my grandma and grandpa. I love the amateur snap shots they took with their maid of honor too. So spontaneous and full of love. They really bright the moment back to life! 

Fun Fact: All the girls in my family have had a piece of my grandmother's dress incorporated into their weddings! I wrapped the stems of my bouquet of zinnias my dad, mom and uncle Walt grew for me!

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